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The online node configuration file is named gocoin.conf
Client application looks for this file in the folder where it is being launched from.
The config file is in JSON encoded format, so in general the order of the fields does not matter, but their types do.

 Filed name Type Default value (if not specified) Description
 Testnet bool false Use testnet3 if true
 ConnectOnly string "" Connect only to this host/IP (and nowhere else)
 Datadir stringWindows main net:
Windows test net:
Non-Windows main net:
Non-Windows main net:
 The data folder for the gocoin client node.

The data dir contains:
 * Block database: blockchain.dat, blockchain.idx files.
 * UTXO database: unspent3/ folder.
 * Known peers database: peers3/ folder.
 * Wallet files: wallet/ folder.
 Walletdir string <Datadir>/wallet Specify where the wallet files (containing public addresses) are stored.
 By default it is a sub-folder in the data directory, but it can be changed to increase privacy.
 TextUI.Enabled bool true Enable TextUI. You will want to disable text interface if you want to start the node as a daemon (with no stdin).
 WebUI.Interface string "" Bind WebUI server to this interface. Change it to ":8833" in order to allow external connections.
 WebUI.AllowedIP  string "" List of IP addresses that are allowed to access WebUI. Use "" to let everyone in.
 WebUI.ShowBlocks uint32 25 How many recent blocks to show at the Blocks page.
 WebUI.AddrListLen uint32 15 How many addresses to show (at the same time) in the address book that pops up at MakeTx page.
 Net.ListenTCP bool true Accept incoming TCP connections.
 Net.TCPPort uint16 8333 - for main net
 18333 - for test net
 Note that the current satoshi client has a "feature" that causes it to refuse connecting to any TCP port other than default.
 Net.MaxOutCons uint32 9 Maximum number of outgoing TCP connections.
 Net.MaxInCons uint32 10 Maximum number of incoming TCP connections.
 Net.MaxUpKBps uint 0 Maximum upload speed in kilobytes per second. 0 means unlimited.
 Net.MaxDownKBps uint 0 Maximum download speed in kilobytes per second. 0 means unlimited. 
 Net.MaxBlockAtOnce uint32 3 When a new block appears, (up to) how many peers to ask for its data at the same time.
 TXPool.Enabled bool true Enable memory pool (for transactions).
 TXPool.AllowMemInputs bool true Accept transactions with unconfirmed inputs to the memory pool.
 TXPool.FeePerByte uint64 1 Required minimum fee per byte to accept a transaction to the memory pool.
 TXPool.MaxTxSize uint32 10000 Maximum size of a transaction that would be accepted to the memory pool.
 TXPool.MinVoutValue uint64 0 Required minimum value (checked separately for each output) to accept a transaction to the memory pool. 0 - no restriction.
 TXPool.TxExpireMinPerKB uint 180 If something is 1KB big, it expires after this many minutes. Otherwise expiration time will be proportionally different.
 TXPool.TxExpireMaxHours uint 12 Expire from memory pool any transaction that stays unconfirmed for so may hours.
 TXRoute.Enabled bool true Enable routing of transactions (memory pool must be enabled as well).
 TXRoute.FeePerByte uint64 1 Required minimum fee per byte to route a transaction.
 TXRoute.MaxTxSize uint32 10000 Maximum size of a transaction that will be routed to other peers.
 TXRoute.MinVoutValue uint64 500 Required minimum value (checked separately for each output) to route a transaction. 0 for no restriction.
 Memory.GCPercTrshold int  100 A threshold (in percent) to trigger Go's garbage collector engine.
 Memory.MaxCachedBlocks uint 500 How many (recently used) blocks shall be kept in RAM.
 Beeps.NewBlock bool false Beep when a  new block is added to the top of the chain (someone has mined a new one).
 Beeps.ActiveFork bool false Triple beep when there is a fork in the block chain.
 Beeps.NewBalance bool false Been when a balance of the currently selected wallet has changed.
 Beeps.MinerID string "" Beep when a new block appears with this string in the coinbase transaction. Empty string to disable.
 MiningStatHours uint 24 How many hours the mining statistics (at WebUI's Miners page) should look back.
 HashrateHours uint 6 How many hours to look back for the hashrate calculation (the one shown on the home page of WebUI)
 UserAgent string "/Gocoin:?.?.?/" Which string shall be reported by the node as User-Agent (in the version messages).
 PayCommandName string "pay_cmd.txt" The file name of the pay script command inside the payment.zip (created at MakeTx page).
 Depending on your platform, change .txt extension to .bat or .sh, if prefer convenience over security.