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General questions

  • How can I open an account?
    1) Upload your public PGP key using this page.
    2) The first time you login your account will be automatically created.
    3) Being logged in, you are able to setup your nickname and the public profile (or just leave is as is).
  • What are the transaction fees?
    The service does not charge any fees for any transfers of any assets.
    Though we don't prohibit the AIs (asset issuers) to charge reasonable fees for processing transfer requests.
  • How can I sell my assets which I have stored in #assets-otc?
    Read the Trading section at About page.
  • Is it possible for one asset to use #assets-otc and some other asset exchange at the same time?
    Yes, we don't see a problem with that.
  • How can I transfer my assets from another asset exchange to this service?
    Talk to the guy who issued the asset on that exchange and ask him to do it for you.
  • If I have my assets in this service, will I be able to transfer them to another exchange?
    As long as the AI agrees to do it for you, we wouldn't be able to prevent that, even if we wanted.


  • What if you run away with my bitcoins / assets or loose them somehow?
    We don't hold your bitcoins, neither assets at any moment - this is the core security feature of our system.
    Only AIs can loose or steal your stuff, so make sure you trust them, or get a legally binding contract.
  • What happens if the service goes down or an asset is kicked out of it?
    Each AI always has up-to-date list of all the asset-holders' PGP identities and their balance.
    So at any time any asset's books can be moved to a different server or just handled manually.
  • What if I lost my PGP key or forgot the password to unlock it?
    Then you lost access to your account.
    All we can do to help you in such a hopeless situation is to advise against jumping out of the window.

Asset Issuers

  • How can I become an AI?
    When you already have a regular user account, send a PGP (clear)signed contract for the asset you want to list to
    We verify the signature and the consistency of the contract and (if everything looks fine) the asset will get listed and you will be its AI.
  • Do I need to pay for listing my asset at your service / being AI?
    No, you don't. At least not at the moment...
  • Can I modify content of a contract for my existing asset?
    No. The contract once signed must stay, but you can send us a signed addition that would be appended at the end.
  • How would this service help me to pay out dividends?
    An open source tool has been created for this purpose. The tool is focused on providing maximum security, so it is not quite trivial to use it.
    But after you've learned using it once, you should apppreciate the security it gives you.

Other questions

  • Will the source code of be open?
    Yes - just not yet.
  • I have a different question...
    Send it by email to